Membership Payment Schedule

1) I hereby apply for membership in the NEW YORK AUTOMATIC VENDING ASSOCIATION, INC. and if accepted into membership, agree to abide by the Bylaws of the Association and Act pursuant thereto.

2) Please direct all membership mailings, bulletins and information to:


     88 Olive Street

     Johnson City, NY 13790
Please visit the payment's button above to pay for your membership.

3) We agree to pay dues annually on the dues schedule below established by the Association and allowing our choice of Participation Level as follows:

Level  Operator Member Basic
A           1-3 Employees -  $125.00 per year

B           4-10 Employees $250.00 per year

C          11-15 Employees $300.00 per year

D          16-50 Employees $400.00 per year

E           51+Employees $450.00 per year

F            Multi-branch operating company $450.00 plus $275.00 per branch

           Operator Member Patron * This includes your company logo/link on our home page* 

G          1-3 Employees – $250.00 per year

H          4-10 Employees $500.00 per year

I            11-15 Employees $600.00 per year

J            16-50 Employees $800.00 per year

K           51+Employees $900.00 per year

L           Multi-branch operating company$900.00 plus $300.00 per branch

            Broker/Distributor/Manufacturer/Supplier Member
M        $400.00 per company

            Supplier Member Patron * This includes your company logo/link on our home page*                                                                                                                                                                                                                

N        $800.00 per company

             Additional contributions to our PAC or General Fund

O         General Fund additional donation

P          PAC Fund additional donation


4) By signing (or electronically signing/accepting) this application and paying my dues I agree to allow myself and my business or company to receive notices, advertisements, announcements, brochures and other information from NYSAVA, the National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA) and its foundation via mail, facsimile, telephone or e-mail. I further agree that my express permission to mail, fax, telephone or e-mail me such notices and other information will continue with no date of expiration.

5) After filling out the application, please make your payment online by clicking here or pay by check made out to the NYSAVA General Fund to:

Bruce King c/o Five Star Services
88 Olive Street
Johnson City, NY 13790



• The support you need to protect your Business and our Industry.
• The information you require to help you make informed decisions.
• The programs to help you succeed.

New York State Automatic Vending Association, Inc. is dedicated to promoting the common business interest and general welfare of the automatic merchandising industry within the state you operate, improving the industry’s service to the public, cooperating with government officials in advancing the public interest and improving conditions within our industry.

Security Committees
NAMA’s security committee alerts members whenever criminals appear to be targeting vending companies within their states. By sharing information and working with local law enforcement, these committees help to increase security awareness at the local level.

Membership lists, legislative bulletins and meeting minutes help members maintain contact with fellow vendors and suppliers and stay up-to-date on association activities, industry regulations, trends and items of concern.

For new members: download the membership application and send to NYSAVA, 88 Olive Street, Johnson City, NY 13790 with your check or go to payment page and pick your level and pay by PayPal or Credit Card after sending your application.

Download Membership Application